Sunday, May 8, 2011

Issue #1

So I haven't actually thought this through to the end, so bare with me as I improvise.


Nothing going on in this front. PSN Network for the PS3 is still down, as a result from the cyber attack it endured about a week ago, from a group called "Anonymous". These are the same group that launched the DDOS Attacks about a month ago on the PSN Network and its affiliates for suing George Hotz, the infamous hacker who found the PS3 root key. Now this most recent attack affected more than 10 million people, but Sony vows to guarantee a 1 million dollar insurance for those that have had their identities stolen. Hopefully this is true, and other companies can learn from this, because if this attack can happen to Sony, a worldwide leader in technology of sorts, is anything safe in the cyber world?

On a lighter note, I just got Crysis 2 for the PS3, and as far as the campaign goes, the gameplay area is massive, sort of sandbox type gameplay, but still have boundaries. Its the same FPS that you have played before, but with the ingenuity of the armor and the type of gameplay, the subtle differences lets you know that you are playing Crysis, not a WWII war game.

Also, I just got Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360. Yes, the Xbox 360. Yes, Mass Effect 2 that came out more than a year ago. I heard reviews before but I was too worried preparing for Halo: Reach, so this one just passed me by. Now I just played the demo on my 360, and so many options and the way the story unfolds based on the choices I make, I thought I was playing Dragon Age or something! To be honest, if the demo didn't let me transfer the saved data, I probably wouldn't have gotten it, but since it did, and since I made my guy look AWESOME, and the story WAS intriguing, AND it was on sale online for 11 US Dollars....well with these many reasons, I couldn't pass it up!

I also got Portal 2 for my 360, and it IS AWESOME! I didn't think that they can improve on Portal, but they did! The single player is awesome! and the CO-OP is flawless! I haven't gotten this excited over a game since   original Pokemon (Red Version is the best, just in case you're wondering). The gameplay, physics, and just seamless story and connection between single to co-op multi-player has been unheard of! I've never seen a game contain physics and dialogue that actually MAKE the game worth turning up the volume for. I've finished both modes, and gotten 46 out of the 50 Achievements, so I'm almost there. I'm not an Achievement whore, but I do try to complete the list for the games on my top list. So far, I have Plants versus Zombies and Halo Reach.

My Mx11 gaming has been on hold due to me being stuck on Dragon Age 2, and LOTRO wasn't working the other day, it wouldn't allow me to connect, so maybe there's maintenance going on. It will be used for updating my blogger though, just so it doesn't feel neglected.


On the mobile situation, no updates to be made. That doesn't mean there isn't anything new, it just means I don't think there are any apps or mobile-related news I feel important enough.

White Iphone 4? Does that mean no Iphone 5 this summer?

When is Honeycomb coming to handheld for Android? Better yet, When is Gingerbread coming?

Oh just a shout out, there is a game developer that I have been following because of a game they made. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK OF THE GAME, but you can check them out if you want.

They make the future of gaming  look brighter for me. I want to review their games, but I need permission, or rather, I'd like to ask them first.

Oh the Lakers lost. Just thought I'd add that.


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