Monday, May 2, 2011

Dawn of a New Day

For those who don't know, that's from Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64).

I go by the name of Kos, Gamertag: Koshekbot, PSN ID: Koshekbot.

I'm an avid gamer, own all three consoles and an M11xR2 Alienware laptop, and they all have a place in my life. I can't say that one system is better than the others, because I'm a fan of all video games (well most of them). I fancy RPG types more than others, but a good FPS, TPS, even RTS doesn't stray far from my hands. I also have a Nintendo 3DS, which I am hooked on with my Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.My XBOX 360 S, Halo Editon, 250 GB has treated me tremendously well, and gives my Halo needs whenever I want. Yes, I'm a Halo Guy. It also teaches me to dance with Kinect and Dance Central. My PS3 is my central hub for my movies and Uncharted 2 (currently waiting for 3). My Wii is where I get my Mario on, but I bought this system just for Zelda, my favorite series of games of all time. My laptop has my Steam games that I missed out on when they came out, so they are relatively cheap, and hooked with an xbox controllor and an xbox joypad modifier, I basically play all my games with a controller.

I'm an android guy, but I respect apple and all that it's done. I'm hooked on PTD app (seriously). I'm also a car freak. I used to own a mustang, then went with a 3000 GT, but since the recession, went with a corolla. I have my eye on that new lancer evo MR.

This blog will be about games mostly, but it will be filled with tech stuff, or rather, anything I find interesting, since it is my blog and all. I will be more detailed about each game system and anything else above about my passions in the coming posts, as I'm typing on my Tmobile G2, which isn't meant for long essays.


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