Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Issue #3

So I know I missed last weekend and I promised to try and do a review for a game, but I was sooooo....lazy. At least I'm honest. And the fact that I have been doing overtime for my job all week, so there's a valid reason right there.

I don't have much news, so this will be a quick one. PSN is back up, but the PSN Store is not. Xbox 360 flirting with the next-gen Xbox, supposedly in the hands of EA as of this moment. E3 is almost here and the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Nintendo FEEL is gaining momentum, and (strangely) so is the 3DS. With the release of Zelda:Ocarina of Time 3DS next month, a slew of games will also be on the spotlight, including a (new?) Pokemon game.

Okay so that wasn't much news but they are very heavy indeed. On the mobile front, these new smartphones touting dual-core 1Ghz processors are making my G2 feel very outdated. As for apps, I...have nothing.

Oh and a new addition to my list to talk about: Disney Games and Superhero Games. Also FPS, but as an avid FPS gamer, I doubt I would be missing news about that. I just mean that Disney and superheroes games might get a more lengthier...mention...than others.

Oh did anyone see the MW3 trailer during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals? Looking pretty nice!


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