Monday, May 16, 2011

Issue #2


I know I missed my update this weekend. I have two good reasons: I was hibernating, and I wanted to be sure the PSN was back up. So on to the news!

The Playstation Network is back up, and Sony is planning multitudes of updates throughout the coming weeks, and the Playstation Store is still down. Upon your sign in you WILL have to change your password, so have one in mind. As for me, I took another step and deleted my billing account from the PSN, just a precaution. I wonder how Sony will come back from this, because no doubt this will hurt their sales. No problem fro me though, since all I'm waiting for is Uncharted 3.

For the Xbox 360, the Gears of War 3 beta is about the end. I chose NOT to participate because I want my first time playing it though the campaign, and my wife didn't buy it. I'm also trying to finish my Portal 2 achievements, so if there are any Portal 2 players out there, get online!

There is no Wii news, unless you want to hear it again, Zelda Skyward Sword will be out sometime this year. That's all I have. The Wii 2/Project Cafe/Nintendo FEEL is making quite a fuss. Unveiling itself at this year's E3, its carries graphical powers far beyond the PS3's Cell Processor Technology, and also use Blu Ray as its medium. It will have online capabilities rumored to be like the PS3 (which isn't looking good right above now), and HDMI output, AND a controller with dual analog sticks with a small touchscreen (I'm assuming between 4 to 7 inches) which will be very important to gameplay. I just want to see Link in HD....that's it.

Android released news of its new OS for smartphones and tablets alike, codenamed ICE CREAM SANDWICH, following its use of desserts for previous Plants VS Zombies FINALLY coming to Android, and Netflix 4G streaming is available as of now (no more buffering!). PTD just released 2.5 but the APK isn't out yet, just wait. I can't believe how many people are so ungrateful for the creators of this game. It's un-freakin-believable...

Now for some Apple love, the IPHONE 5, rumored to be released this September, seems like its been pushed back, because of OVERWHELMING(???) sales of the White Iphone 4, and will push to sell more of these angelic beauties. there will be a new phone, just as the Iphone 3G had the 3GS, the Iphone 4 will come out with an Iphone 4S..? But as rumors go, please take this with a grain of salt.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be re-released for the 3DS next month, and I CANNOT wait. it will contain the Master Quest, and a slew of other goodies within. So I will be pre-ordering this sometime soon. I mean, it IS the only GREATEST game to have been EVER made.....EVER...

So I do believe I've covered everything I wanted to say, and I WILL try my super hardest to do a game review of a past or current game this week due to my hibernation allowing me to catch up with my sleep.


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